Monday, May 26, 2008

Cosmo Girl interviews Girlicious

The girls of Girlicious were interviewed by Cosmo Girl magazine. Some quotes:

It's really amazing that we have no lead singer. We all sing, we all dance, we all look the part, and we all have great personalities — but our strengths still come in different areas. It's crazy to think that a girl group can have so many strengths.

Natalie: It was the most vulnerable experience ever. When you're filming you can forget the cameras are on — so it's really crazy to look back and see all the cursing and the drama. You forget things — a lot of the times on the show I said such crazy things that I would just have to laugh at myself when I saw them later.

Chrystina: It was really hard to drop the competitive thing at first, but we realized we had a lot more similarities than differences. And now the great thing about our group is that we really get along like sisters. A lot of girl groups pretend to have chemistry and that everything is perfect, but we really get along.

Tiffanie: We do so many things together, and Robin is there every step of the way. We have to be up at four in the morning and she’s there. Even if we're doing little things, no matter what time, how annoying, how boring, she is always there.

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