Saturday, May 17, 2008

Girlicious desktop wallpaper!

Enjoy some new Girlicious desktop wallpaper! I got it on my computer now, and it's fiyah (lol). Sizes in large or extra large.


KESSgirl said...

hello girls!!!!! i love this girls they are so good likes pussycat dolls!
super cutes estas nilas me fascinana como cantan suerte bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, i've seen a lot of episodes from girlicious and i love your music and videoclips,
keep going!
Love Sandra.

Anonymous said...

They are Much Sexier , prettier , than pussycat dolls ... i love em ;) Love all ur clips and songs. ,,Stupid shit" is the best clip i hav ever seen :)

bri said...

my sis got a cell phone skin and it looks awesome

I'm going to do my laptop if I can find a big enough picture.

To do a laptop skin, I need an image close to 1 MB so it prints clear.

Anonymous said...

I made sure I watched every episode to see who won and I could see it was you from the start! I knew Charlie(or however you spell it!)was going home could she just couldn't get along. Well...I love Girlicious and you guys will go really far.
Love ya<3

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is this borderline child porn??

How long until we see these otherwise beautiful pre-teens getting attention for thier playboy bunny costumes? "ex-girlicious girls to pose for hustler"

I think this is giving a terrible message to young impressionable girls (ie: my little sisters and perhaps yours) who are not quite sure yet what is real beauty.

(Que verguenza....) I'm embaressed for you and your family name.

Anonymous said...

i love that girlicious is a kind of urban and pop group!!!


Tessa said...

Tiffanie is sssooooo HOT!!!!!!

and Nichole can sing her heart out!!!

i love them 2.

Nichole and Tiffanie....YOU ROCK!!

You guys are hot as!!!

Anonymous said...

I made a skin of girlicious at

Tim Buck said...

They look like SLUTTY streetwalking WHORES!!