Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drugs are not Girlicious, says Tiff

"So for all my Girlicious girls and Boylicious boys, i just wanna adddrreessss some things for the record. i've been hearing some non-sense that we're going to be the next celebrity eff ups, as far as drugs are concerned... and i just wanna tell you guys what my opinion of drugs are. THEY ARENT HOT! first off they're not girlicious enough! they make you smell bad! and they make your bangs sweat out!

I've never even triedddd a drug a day in my life, and i alllllwwwayyys tell people not to do them! when i go to the club i like to be alert, because i don't want some non-boylicious guy to take advantage of me, or some non-girlicious girl to steal my purse while i'm too intoxicated to care! also for the record the kinda guys you girls want, don't like a girl who gets wasted... it's not HOT!"

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